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(posted on 29 Mar 2021)

My book of illustrated poems, Scratching Initials, has just come into print. The poems were generated from vocabulary gleaned from one of my sister's childhood books. She died at age 25 while having an epileptic seizure in the night.




(posted on 24 Feb 2021)

Our Life drawing group has been drawing outside through the winter whenever we can and the Dunsmuir community garden has been one of our haunts. this is of some winter Brussel sprouts.


(posted on 23 Jan 2021)

I found this drawing I did in Haida Gwaii of James Hart, his son Gwaliga Hart and John Brent Bennet carving the truth and reconciliation pole that now stands at UBC. It was so impressive to watch their process.





(posted on 21 Jan 2021)

These Berries jumped out at me on my morning walk in Crescent Park. I'm not sure what they are, but they looked beautiful cascading out of the woods.





(posted on 13 Jan 2021)

A few weeks ago before Christmas, I went out drawing with my life drawing group in Dunsmuir gardens, which is a local community garden. We have been drawing outdoors since the start of the pandemic. As I was packing up to go home, I left the bag containing my drawing book, a case of pens and pencils and a small blanket I use for warmth.

When I got home my bag was gone. I rushed back, the book holds drawings  going back to 2013 and lots of memories. In spite of looking everywhere, it could not be found. I try generally not to be too precious about my work, but this really upset me. My daughter suggested I post on Facebook and tag all local organizations, which I did. That night it rained heavily and I kept thinking of my book out there somewhere.The next evening I googled "lost sketchbook" and found a listing in Craigslist lost and found.

A lovely woman who lived locally had found it and I was able to retrieve it. She left it on her porch for me.

            Here is the drawing from the book of one of the flowers I buy to cheer myself up through the winter.






(posted on 5 Jan 2021)


My sketch book containing an illustrated poem Summer of Fires is now catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library and will be available for viewing digitally within the next couple of months.







(posted on 29 Apr 2019)


Our Evening of Readings went very well, all the chairs were filled and the audience seemed to really enjoy it. Heidi read some wonderful poems in that lovely voice she has, Jo read his story "The Bicycle" Cristy read from her latest junior novel and Bill sang and recited, we were all impressed that he memorized everything.




(posted on 29 Jan 2019)

We, that is Elizabeth Hollick, Elizabeth Carefoot, Jack Turpin and myself have found a venue for our Seriously Quirky show. We will be in the Landmark POP-Uptown Gallery in White Rock from April 4th to May 29th. The shows will rotate, the two Elizabeths will do Wound and Bound, in April and Jack  and I will do Eccentric Narratives in May.

I will be showing my china doll paintings for this show. I have collaborated with Jack on a painting and we have also compiled a, Griffin and Sabine like, correspondence story. His work will draw from his journals and also have a narrative component.





(posted on 3 Feb 2017)

We have finally found a venue for our Shards and Gems show.

(Affectionately referred to as Smash and Bling)



(posted on 12 Mar 2016)





We have been taking some time out for individual work after the intensity of Shard and Gems. I have been working on my monochromatic still life series, Contemplations.












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