Linda Pearce

Linda Pearce





Linda has had an undeniable need to make and create all her life. She is the great grandaughter of mezzotint artist H.Scott Bridgwater and watercolorist Hester Muriel. Her grandmother also studied at the Slade and produced beautiful watercolors in the impressionist style of the times.

A genetic predisposition to the arts has run rampant through her maternal line producing painters, printmakers, dancers and actors and infecting her with a visual voice which she began exercising in early drawing games with her grandmother. Drawing still remains a passion and she has been a member of the Larger Than Life drawing group for over 20 years.

The events of Linda's childhood led her from a rustic gamekeeper's cottage in Buckinghamshire to a boarding school in Oswestry, Shropshire and finally to North Vancouver. She now lives in Ocean Park, Surrey.

Work as a Kindergarten/Primary teacher gave her the freedom to dabble widely and gather artistic knowledge and experience in her own specific way.

An innate sense of composition and pattern and a love of collecting underpin much of her creative work.