Linda Pearce


(posted on 19 Aug 2013)

Except for the two monochromatic paintings all the paintings on this site have been done on Fridays in the companionship of Elizabeth Hollick beginning in the spring of 2012.

I love Liza. She is an amazing ball of creative intention, an extraordinary painter, a force of nature and a long time friend. When I offered to have her come to my studio while hers was shut down I had some qualms. I am a much more introverted person and her energy is so strong, I thought I might be overwhelmed by it. We agreed to Fridays and I thought, "OK, once a week, I can do that."

It turned out so much better than I could ever have imagined. Our disparate modes of operation somehow fused and worked together. Friday became a day to anticipate with pleasure, a time of intense work and camaraderie. The state of the world, everyday difficulties and even major life events were left outside the oasis of the day.

In the morning we started with coffee and CBC. When Liza brought snacks I made lunch and we alternated each week. She often surprised me with flowers and pots for my still lifes. I supplied an extra easel and mirror for her self-portraits. She would arrive laden with paraphernalia and costumes for that session. We each set up our own challenge and dug in. In the afternoon we listened to Alexander McCall Smith on CD and by five thirty we were always scrambling to get finished...and then a glass of wine.

Every so often life gives us an unexpected gift and Friday's with Liza have been one of them.