Linda Pearce


(posted on 18 Feb 2014)

Linda and Liza

Liza and I have been painting together on Fridays for just under two years now. The enjoyment we find has kept us motivated to continue the practice and to make it a priority. Friends now take for granted that on "Fridays" we are unavailable. In winter the short days make us scramble to direct lights so we can finish up and in summer we try to beat the bleaching power of the west sun. In the changing seasons Fridays are tiny carefree holidays filled with good coffee, culinary experiments and brush strokes.

Despite our many differences, Liza is a bouncy extrovert who enjoys the limelight and I am a quiet introvert who doesn't, there are many similarities in the way we approach painting. We are both enamoured with colour in all it's myriad facets. We both prefer a direct approach and are inspired by real objects rather than photos. The length of our attention and engrossment is very much aligned. Also, listening continues to be an important feature of the day. We need words; radio interviews and books on tape engage our brains and take them out of our way. There are those who find music conducive to painting but we find it's not enough to keep us from thinking too much.

Alexander McCall Smith is still a favorite and we hope he keeps turning out new books. We have also discovered Bill Bryson. We listened to the whole unabridged Mr Norell and Johnathan Strange (14 discs in the first half), although we were ready to scream at the end of it and only finished out of stubborness.

More books, more Fridays, more painting please.